Monday, September 3, 2007

Sooo Sorry

Okay, so it's been over a month since my last post. I have not quite gotten the hang of this yet - and it hasn't become a part of my daily routine - to say the least. But I want to keep trying and hopefully at some point it will be a bit more automatic.

There has been a lot of knitting in the past month. A cross country flight and the inevitable hours spent in airport lines gave me a lot of needle time. And driving through Vermont was a great opportunity to check out a bunch of lys.

I'll report on the current WIP's today and save the FO's and travelogue for a later date - later this week, not later next month!

My favorite WIP at the moment is a Plymouth pattern -3 Button Wrap - made out of delicious Royal Llama Silk. This is such an appealing fiber. It has a kind of rustic elegance that is hard to put into words. It's very soft and fun to knit with. I picked up the yarn and pattern after seeing the wrap displayed at the Knitting Studio in Montpelier, Vermont. I was on my way to the Burlington airport to fly back to L.A. and needed a bathroom break so I stopped in Montpelier - okay, if you must know the tourist information signs had a SPINNING WHEEL on them - so, of course, I had to stop. The guy at the tourist place told me that there was a great yarn shop a half a mile away. In ten minutes I was back in the car with my llama silk, pattern, beautiful buttons - having tried on the display garment then bought everything to make it exactly like the store model. I can't remember the last time I've done that but it was gorgeous just the way it was. And I had a car to return and a plane to catch. Anyhow, it's a fun knit. And one of the few projects I can stand to be working on during the current heat wave. 108 degrees in my backyard this afternoon!!!

Next project is a Karabella pattern. A lace wrap intended to be knit out of Boise but being knit out of Magritte instead because I can't afford Boise. It's pretty but knitting black lace is proving to be a pain in the butt. I can only work on it in really good light and in this weather, it's too unappealing to even touch. But someday I'll get back to it.

And finally, I'm working on a scribble scarf made out of Kidsilk Haze and Louise Harding Grace. It's a mindless take-to-work knit-at-meetings project. Perfect for the start of another school year. It's a beautiful dusty grape. Photo next time.

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CatBookMom said...

I am so glad that Ravelry allows me to add Royal Llama Silk to my Queue instead of having to instantly find a retailer and buy some. How long this self-control will last is unknown. It will be a shorter period the more often you bring that project to Friday night SnB.