Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Finishing Frenzy

I've been trying to wean myself away from Ravelry long enough to finish some WIP's. Only because I'm sick of the old, and can't wait to start some new stuff. So I've spent my knitting time whipping through some stale stuff and I've made a little progress.

First, I finished a yarn-over scarf that used up a random skein of CTH silk and merino. It's pretty, soft, and will make a good gift for someone in a few months.

Next, I tackled the Bomber sweater by Kim Hargreaves from Rowan's Denim People. I'm making it out of Rowan Cashsoft DK in navy. The pieces are all knit so this weekend I blocked it and now need to sew it together - ugh - I really detest this part - then knit up the collar. I'll take it to someone for the zipper as it would be terribly tragic to screw it up in a pathetic attempt to sew in the zipper myself. Always good to know one's own strengths and weaknesses!

I also finished knitting a black bag that is waiting to be felted. I knit it on commission for a co-worker and frankly I'm not feeling it. It's okay but I really don't know if it's what she had in mind.

I knit a lot for my school's holiday boutique. I love it when people buy my stuff and get such a kick out of seeing them walk around school with one of my bags (or hats or scarfs). And I've knit bags "on demand" a few times for people which I'm certainly happy to do. But somehow it isn't nearly as much fun as creating my own bags. I worry about whether or not it's what the person envisioned and that takes some of the carefree creative joy out of the process. But making some money knitting at least allows me to justify buying more yarn so I guess it's all good.

My final project of the past few days is a Fibonacci bag in Lamb's Pride Bulky - my yarn of choice for felting - in Kiwi green and black. I need to kitchener the strap then throw it in the washer with the other black bag. I'd like to get one more bag knit before I go to the laundromat. (I try not to felt in my machine as it's a front loader so I can't check on the process.)

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CatBookMom said...

Way to go! You've conquered the photo problem very well. Very pretty scarf. Sorry I wasn't more help last night with the photos.