Sunday, December 23, 2007

I Clearly Don't Get It

Okay, so a mere three months has flown by since my last post. And it's not like I forgot I had a blog or anything. It's more like I haven't posted often enough to remember how to do it. My own fault, I know. I'm not looking for any sympathy here. I'd just like to be able to post for a few consecutive days so I get in the habit and it isn't such a big, time-consuming deal. Is that too much to ask? Apparently.

Well in the absence of blog posts, there has been knitting. And plenty of it. I have made at least a half-dozen felted bags since mid-September. No, I take that back - it's closer to a dozen. As well as a vest from Fitted Knits, a couple of wraps/shawl type garments and more scarves than I care to count.

Many of these things were sold at my school's holiday boutique to benefit the school and moi. Some are still here looking for good homes. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I guess I'll quit blathering and add some photos.

This is one of the felted bags. Knit from Lambs Pride Bulky - my favorite felting yarn. I start with the bottom then pick up stitches around the sides. Pretty straightforward knitting on circular needles. I usually use some kind of carry-along yarn to give it a little more texture then go crazy with the novelty yarn at the top. Many of my bags are variations on this theme. I line them all usually with some sort of silk brocade although lately I've branched out a bit. They generally have two inside pockets - one cellphone sized and then a larger one on the other side. I've used all kinds of handles but I think I like the acrylics best. They're bright and fun and seem to be a good complement to the funkiness of the bags.

Here's another. P1000501

This one is the same idea. A good bag to wear with jeans. But also has a touch of glitz. Novelty yarns definitely have their place in my felted bags.

So that's it for today. More to come. Hopefully within a reasonable amount of time. Whatever that might be.

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